" YaganiYY " White_ x2 pc set

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Y A G A N I Y Y "  H A N D M A D E  F A C E M A S K


We have all experienced that wearing face masks for a long time causes pain and irritation behind the ears. That is why we have developed a new sustainable face mask which is easy and comfortable to wear. Due to the adjustable soft jersey strap with leather trim, the face mask fits better and you will no longer experience pain and irritation behind the ears.

It comes as x2 piece set pack within a wash bag in white colour. 

_Colour white has sand leather trim and sand and black colour hand embroidery logo.

It is an unisex model in one size fits all.

You can use the wash bag to keep your masks hygenic in your bag and you can wash your mask inside the washbag in the washing machine.



YAGANIYY is easy and comfortable to wear, prevents irritation to the ears, adjustable by the soft jersey strap with leather trim, made in 95% cotton% 5 elasthane woven fabric, in 3 layers (breath proef) with nose clip, and it can be 60oC machine washed and ironed.

It has hand embroidery logo at side.


All our products are handmade, any imperfections are a peculiarity and positive quality of the treatment which make the garment unique and special.


 60oC machine wash

 Warm iron  

_The  World Health Organisation suggests that people first clean their hands before putting a mask on.

_You shouldn’t be taking off, adjusting or moving your mask during your outing. A recent laboratory study found that the virus that causes COVID-19 could survive on a face mask  for up to seven days. That means, if you must take off your mask for a quick breather, or an itch, it’s important to practice good hand hygiene after touching the face covering.

_You can keep your masks in wash bag for hygienic keep. After use please keep it separately in plastic bag until wash it.

_You should wash your mask after each time you wear it. Machine washing is optimal and the tempature should be 60 degrees. You can wash your mask in a wash bag to keep them separated from other clothes.

 _If hand washing is your only option, we  suggest lathering the masks with soap and scrubbing them for at least 20 seconds with warm to hot water. To that end, you may want to have multiple masks so you can still stay protected while it is in the wash.

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